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We are a group of Los Angeles based television and film writers, supporting each other in work, in play and in life.

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Avatar - Megan 2.jpg

Megan J. Wilson

Megan wrote her first play (a modern and irreverent take on the Three Little Pigs) at age 10.  She chooses to believe the laughter from the audience was at the jokes, not at the effort.

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Meggie Spellman


Meggie started her writing career at the Dramatic Writing BFA program at SUNY Purchase's Conservatory for Theater Arts and Film.

Avatar - Katy temp.jpg

Katy Farzanrad


Katy Farzanrad is an Iranian-American chick producer, writer, and mother of two.

Avatar - Denise.jpeg

Denise Cruz-Castino


Denise Cruz-Castino has sold a live action short to Disney, her first feature 5 Weddings premiered at Cannes in 2018 and was released in 52 countries. 

Avatar - Sarah.jpg

Sarah Ruttinger


Sarah Ruttinger is a feminist writer living in Los Angeles. Born in small-town Kentucky, she wrote her first book in 5th grade and her first screenplay in 8th.

Avatar - Faythallegra 2.jpg

Faythallegra Claude

Faythallegra Claude (formerly Coleman) is a screenwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Her writing focuses mainly on strong female leads in crime and action thrillers.

Heidi Weitzer

Avatar - Heidi.jpg

Heidi Weitzer is a writer and director living in Los Angeles. Her dark comedy screenplay "The Cost of Doing Business" is currently optioned and is scheduled to start principal photography in 2019.

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Cara Morrison

Cara hails from the “everything is bigger” land of Texas. She can tell you this is true, especially the trucks and the portion sizes. Having grown up in the outskirts of suburbia, she optioned for a life of travel after college. 


Lena Parodi

The first time Lena Parodi realized she wanted to tell stories for a living was when she was four years old. She and her family had just immigrated to the United States from Italy, and everything around her was strange and unfamiliar. After the long days of struggling to learn the language and social cues of a brand-new country, she would sit on the edge of the pool of her family’s temporary home in an apartment complex and tell elaborate made-up stories to her parents.

Avatar - Jessica.jpg

Jessica Silvetti

Jessica Silvetti is an award-winning writer and director, whose distinctive voice is a result of her unconventional upbringing. Originally from Mexico City, of Spanish descent and raised in the US, she's been shaped by different cultures and views life through a bilingual lens.

Avatar - Alison.jpg

Alison Mauldin

Alison Mauldin was born and raised in North Carolina and began writing stories at an early age. She attended Gardner-Webb University where she earned a degree in Theater Arts and Spanish. After college she lived in Seattle and Los Angeles. During this time she wrote her first screenplay, Missy.